August Dannehl



August Dannehl

August Dannehl joined the Navy after September 11th. After being honorably discharged in 2010, he pursued filmmaking with “The War at Home,” a film about an Iraq veteran who witnesses the death of a childhood friend. August
attended the Jon Stewart Veteran Immersion Program, which offers veterans job training in television and film.

Outside of his love for the big screen, August has a passion for cooking, and works to create feasts that celebrate other vets.

Also featured in this clip are Edith Casas and Mike Dowling. Edith Casas served in the Navy for close to 10 years as an Aviation Boatswain First Class. During her tours she was stationed on the USS Nassau, an aircraft carrier traveling throughout Europe and the Middle East. Onboard the Nassau, Edith was responsible for the launching and recovery of naval aircraft. Edith is currently attending California State University, studying communications.

After graduating top of his Marine Military Police class, Mike Dowling met an animal that would change his life: a bomb-sniffing dog known as Sargent Rex. He and Rex served in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004, an experience about which Mike has written a memoir: Sergeant Rex: The Unbreakable Bond Between a Marine and His Military Working Dog. These days, Mike works closely with many veteran organizations, including the VFW and American Legion.

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