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A Heartland Holiday Feast Premiered December 18, 2018 on PBS


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Internationally-acclaimed chef and food ambassador Lidia Bastianich takes viewers on a cross-country journey to explore how Americans representing diverse heritages are both preserving their own culinary traditions and transforming local cuisine. In her latest documentary special, A Heartland Holiday Feast, Lidia travels to small rural towns, immersing herself in the unique customs of the people she meets, which provide a source of inspiration and pave the way for a magnificent celebratory meal.

The hour long special also includes an intimate conversation with Lidia reflecting on what she herself has learned from her encounters with a wonderfully rich and diverse tapestry of characters and foods, many of which are unknown to most Americans.


Lidia’s Heartland

Journey through the heartland with Lidia, and learn more about some big meals from small towns, in her latest special.  Continue


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A Heartland Holiday Feast in Pictures

From the guests to the food, and the beautiful decorations, see photos and go behind the scenes of Lidia’s Heartland adventures. Continue


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