March Digest: Most Popular Recipes and Posts

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March marked the St. Patrick’s Day holiday and the annual March Madness games; however, our readers seemed equally interested in the arrival of spring and the delicious treats that accompany the season. Check out what recipes and articles were the most popular during March 2012.

Sandwich Madness

Sandwich Madness

As March Madness took over the month, PBS Food put our own spin on the basketball craziness with our Sandwich Madness tournament. Sixteen sandwiches faced off to reach the Foodie Four. Find out who is the champion.

Poached Eggs Technique

Even a seasoned cook can have difficulty poaching an egg. Food blogger Marc Matsumoto shares four tips for making the perfect poached egg every time. What’s his secret ingredient? You might be surprised.

Strawberry Margaritas

Pinterest users adored these beautiful strawberry margaritas that are so sweet and fruity. They are perfect for ushering in the warm weather with friends. Serve them in Mason jars for an extra treat. We also have a non-alcoholic version.

Ginger Chicken

Combine sweet and savory flavors to make this Japanese favorite that is bursting with flavor. Unlike chicken teriyaki, this ginger chicken recipe adds a kick that is anything but ordinary. Change up your dinner routine!

Cinnamon Buttermilk Cake with Buttercream Frosting

Topped off with some creamy buttercream frosting, this cake simply cannot get any better. Meant to be shared with others, this cinnamon buttermilk cake is a simple dessert for a sweet treat.