Martha Bakes Episode Descriptions

Martha Bakes Season 8

In Season 8 of Martha Bakes, Martha Stewart explores the modern baking pantry that is chockfull of ingredients that are fun to try, healthier to eat, and more available than ever. Join Martha for a lesson with the experts who grow and produce these better-for-you ingredients. Then, of course, learn the best way to use them in fabulous recipes for cakes, pies, cookies, breads and more.

Spelt flour replaces white flour in a spelt layer cake with whipped cream and berries, pie crust is made with virgin coconut oil instead of butter, and seeds teaming with healthy fats add not only add a satisfying crunch, they are also a great substitute for those with nut allergies.

Wait until you see all of the mouthwatering recipes including…farro chocolate-chunk cookies, whole-wheat monkey bread, buttermilk barley biscuits, rhubarb and raspberry rye crisp, and lemon-yogurt cupcakes. Recipes so good, you won’t want to miss a single episode. Be sure to check your local listings to see when the program will be airing in your area.

Season 8

Season 8 premieres on PBS stations starting October 7, 2017.





Season 7

Season 7 premiered on PBS stations starting October 8, 2016.

Martha Bakes Classic New England EpisodeMartha Bakes Mid-Atlantic EpisodeMartha Bakes Midwest EpisodeMartha Bakes Northwest Episode

Martha Bakes Southern Classics EpisodeMartha Bakes New England EpisodeMartha Bakes Gulf EpisodeMartha Bakes Pennsylvania Dutch Episode

Martha Bakes South Atlantic EpisodeMartha Bakes West EpisodeMartha Bakes Southwest EpisodeMartha Bakes South Episode

Martha Bakes Great Lakes Episode

Season 6

Season 6 premiered on PBS stations starting April 9, 2016.

Martha Bakes Fruits Curds EpisodeMartha Bakes Homemade Doughnuts EpisodeMartha Bakes Chocolate Ganache EpisodeMartha Bakes Sponge Cake Episode

Martha Bakes Frangipane EpisodeMartha Bakes White Bread EpisodeMartha Bakes Never Enough Cookies EpisodeMartha Bakes Pizza Dough Episode

Martha Bakes One-Bowl Desserts EpisodeMartha Bakes Layered Yeast Dough EpisodeMartha Bakes Pastry Cream EpisodeMartha Bakes French Meringue Episode

Martha Bakes Press-In Crusts Episode

Season 5

Season 5 premiered on PBS stations on October 3, 2015.

Never Enough Chocolate EpisodeDanishes EpisodePulled Doughs EpisodeCelebration Cakes Episode

Bake It Dark EpisodeCoconut EpisodeCoffee EpisodeGreen Tea Episode

Extraordinary Fruits EpisodeMartha Bakes Pies episodeMartha Bakes Holiday Breads episodeMartha Bakes Puddings episode

Martha Bakes Breakfast episode

Season 4

Season 4 premiered on PBS stations in January 2015.

Citrus episodeNortheast episodePumpkin episodeNuts episode

Caramel episodeFruit Desserts episodePhyllo episodeSpiked episode

Southern episodeMartha Bakes Breakfast episodeMartha Bakes Cookies episodeMartha Bakes Crackers and Flatbreads episode

Martha Bakes Cupcakes episode

Season 3

Season 3 premiered on PBS stations in April 2014.

Martha Bakes Fruit Desserts episodeMartha Bakes Breakfast episodeMartha Bakes Bar Cookies episodeMartha Bakes Puddings episode

Martha Bakes French Classics episodeMartha Bakes Pies episodeMartha Bakes Crackers and Flatbreads episodeMartha Bakes Cupcakes episode

Martha Bakes Holiday Breads episodeMartha Bakes Chocolate episodeMartha Bakes Bundt Cakes episodeMartha Bakes Cookies episode

Martha Bakes Muffins episode

Season 2

Season 2 premiered on PBS stations in October 2013.

Martha Bakes Coffee Cakes episodeMartha Bakes Shortbread episodeMartha Bakes Brioche episodeMartha Bakes Cookies episode

Martha Bakes Custard episodeMartha Bakes Croissant episodeMartha Bakes Special Breads episodeMartha Bakes Tuiles episode

Martha Bakes Basic Breads episodeMartha Bakes Focaccia and Pizza episodeMartha Bakes Cakes episodeMartha Bakes Tarts and Tartlets episode

Martha Bakes Souffles episode

Season 1

Season 1 premiered on PBS stations in April 2013.

Martha Bakes Yellow CakeMartha Bakes Pate BriseeMartha Bakes CheesecakeMartha Bakes Pound Cake

Martha Bakes Puff PastryMartha Bakes Angel Food CakeMartha Bakes Devil's Food CakeMartha Bakes Pate a Choux

Martha Bakes MeringueMartha Bakes Pate SucreeMartha Bakes Yeast DoughMartha Bakes Biscuits and Scones

Martha Bakes Muffins and Popovers

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