The Mind of a Chef: Season 2

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In the first eight episodes of Season 2, Chef Sean Brock of McCrady’s and Husk spotlights southern cooking with heritage varieties of rice, beans and grains. In the second half of the season, Chef April Bloomfield of The Spotted Pig follows up with an innovative, refreshingly straightforward take on food.

Episode Descriptions

Episode 1: Southerners
Explore some of the unique regional cuisines in the South with Chef Sean Brock.

Episode 2: Seeds
Learn how Chef Brock began searching, archiving and reviving lost crops of the South.

Episode 3: Rice
Learn about rice and its essential role in Southern cuisine.

Episode 4: Louisiana
Find out about the heavy influence of Louisiana cuisine on Chef Brock.

Episode 5: Preserve
Explore the food preservation techniques that are critical components of southern culture.

Episode 6: Roots
Join Sean Brock as he explores his roots and prepares a typical Appalachian dinner.

Episode 7: Low Country BBQ
Journey to the low country, for highlights of both the food and the people.

Episode 8: Senegal
Travel to Senegal with Brock to understand how West Africa influenced the ingredients of America.

Episode 9: London
Travel with Chef April Bloomfield to London, where her cooking career began.

Episode 10: Sea/Salt
Focus on April’s love of the sea, which is deep and fully realized.

Episode 11: Curry
Explore the origins of curry and England’s versions of this historic cuisine.

Episode 12: Italian
Explore April Bloomfield’s deep love for Italian cuisine and its influence on her cooking.

Episode 13: British Classics
Review some of the signature dishes of UK cuisine: bangers and mash, fish-n-chips, and pies.

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