Let the Good Times Roll: A New Orleans Wedding

groom and bride dancing with feathered umbrellas in the "second line"

A blushing bride glows in her gold-trimmed red sari. Mardi Gras Indians dressed in vibrant feathers move to the beat of a drum. A happy couple, clad in jewel-toned robes, bow reverently before their elders. From jumping the broom to tying the knot, wedding celebrations in America are as diverse as the nation itself. Join celebrity chef and culinary author Lidia Bastianich as her “plus one” on a cross-country matrimonial odyssey in her new PBS prime-time special, Lidia Celebrates America: Weddings: Something Borrowed, Something New, airing Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 8pm on PBS (check local listings).

Lidia Bastianich making pralinesLidia’s engaging exploration of wedding traditions includes a visit to New Orleans, where Liz and Ray are making the final preparations for a wedding that will showcase their love for The Big Easy. That means a wedding featuring Mardi Gras Indians dancing to the beat while bedecked in brightly colored feathers, and traditional New Orleans fare such as jambalaya, crawfish and pralines.

“I grew up in New Orleans all my life, so it’s a part of me, it’s in my in my blood,” Liz says. “The food, the music, the Mardi Gras Indians – I think they really put a stamp on the wedding that this is New Orleans.”

Ray agrees. “I think this wedding is just going to sum up New Orleans in a few hours.”

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