Urban Farming

Nearly 80% of Americans live in urban areas. Whether it’s on city rooftops, beside freeway off-ramps, in vacant lots, urban farming has arrived. Continue

This Month’s Best New Cookbooks: June 2014

June Cookbooks
When you are shopping this month, consider one of these cookbooks from the PBS Food bookshelf including Pitt Cue Co. Continue

May Digest: Most Popular Posts and Recipes

Most Popular May 2014 Recipes
What was everyone eating this month? Check out PBS Food's most popular recipes from May 2014. Continue


Drip Irrigation
Agriculture depends on water. Find out where our water comes from and how to conserve it. Continue

Celebrate Memorial Day with Cookout Recipes

Memorial Day Recipes
Whether you are throwing a backyard party or hosting a cookout, check out our recipes for great grilling ideas and more! Continue

Land Trust

Land trusts can keep farms afloat when the real estate is worth more than the yield. Continue


GMOs are Genetically Modified Organisms. They are created when scientists take the DNA from one plant species and add it to the DNA of another. It is likely that GMOs are in what you eat and what you wear. Continue

Fair Trade vs. Direct Trade

When you buy food, you're buying values: The values of the people who grow, transport and sell your food. Continue
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