Results From Episode 5: Pies & Tarts


Almost half-way through the baking competition, the remaining bakers face pies and tarts. Custard tarts are their Signature challenge, followed by mini pear pies — one of the more unusual Technical challenges in the competition tent. Finally, contestants battle their biggest bake yet: three-tiered pies. The Showstopper allows them only four hours to create a towering collection of pies.

Note: Diana left the show between Episode 4 and Episode 5 due to an illness that prevented her from baking.

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Watch the Final Judges Decision


Star Baker and Elimination


Baking Breakdown

Signature Challenge: Set Custard Tart

Technical Challenge: Mini Pear Pies

Showstopper Challenge: Tiered Pies


Fan Feedback


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Episode 4: Desserts

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