Share Your Decorated Easter Eggs

Decorating eggs is one of the most fun aspects of the Easter holiday. All Easter eggs have a unique look whether they were doused in food coloring by a toddler or more intricately detailed by an adult. PBS Food wants to see your best eggs, so start sending in your pictures!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my Easter egg photo? Join the PBS Food Flickr group, and add your image with the tag “eastereggs.” You must be the creator of any image you submit, and you must not submit any image for which the copyright is held by another party. However, parents are allowed to submit images on behalf of their children or other family members who are not “internet capable.”

What will you do with my picture(s)? We display all submitted images in a slideshow here on this page. You will retain ownership of your images.

What if I don’t have a Flickr account? You can email your Easter egg picture(s) to food@pbs.org with the subject line “PBS Food Easter Eggs”, and we will add your egg photos to the slideshow.

What is the deadline to submit photos? You can submit as many photos as often as you want, and we will not be closing submissions until Friday, April 13th for those who do not decorate their eggs prior to the Easter holiday.

Need some ideas to get you started?

Alice Currah of PBS Parent’s Kitchen Explorers shares some tips and idea for decorating your Easter eggs. Don’t forget to send in your final products!

Tell us your family’s Easter traditions in the comments!

Happy Easter everyone!