Find Super Bowl Recipes for Every Party


Healthy Football Party

You have been looking forward to the Super Bowl, but you want at least some nutritional value on the table. Pass the high fat and calorie options to the side lines, and snack on some of these ideas.

Kick-Off Dip:

Creamy White Bean Dip with Whole Wheat Garlic Pita Chips Recipe from Fresh Tastes: Make your own pita chips to dip in this creamy, lemon and garlic infused white bean dip that is perfect for tailgating.

Second Quarter Snack:

Kale Chips Recipe from Fit: Try to break the couch potato habits before they start. Offer your children kale chips instead of potato chips with this quick recipe.

Half-Time Main Event:

Mediterranean Tuna Salad Recipe from Fit: This light-style tuna salad makes a good first course served over toast rounds. You won’t miss the fat of the mayo in this tuna salad — the tomato juice adds zing and the horseradish mustard gives a kick.

Second Half Hunger Smackdown:

Celery with Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing Recipe from Kitchen Explorers: This recipe is a great snack idea that won’t fill up your guests too quickly before the rest of the snacks are ready.


Enjoy the Super Bowl! Game on!