The Playlist: A Dozen of Our Favorite Food Movie Scenes

Photo by Jonathan Wenk, Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

With the Academy Awards approaching this weekend, what better time to celebrate some of our favorite foodie movie scenes. From the beautiful to the funny to the romantic, food has long played an important role in American cinema. Here are a dozen of our favorite food movie scenes:

Goodfellas: The Prison Dinner Scene
While many choose to love the latenight dinner scene, our favorite food scene from Goodfellas is this classic look at what prison was really like for the mobsters.

Lady and the Tramp: Bella Notte
A favorite for generations, Lady and Tramp share puppy love over a bowl of spaghetti.

Animal House: The Food Fight
John Belushi at his best, kicking off

Ratatouille: Anton Ego’s Speech
Its hard to narrow down one scene from this Pixar celebration of cooking, but the speech from the food critic gets the nod.

Big Night: Il Timpano
A movie that inspired many foodies, this scene humorously captures the angst that comes with opening a new restaurant and awaiting the reaction of the patrons.

When Harry Met Sally: Katz’s Delicatessen
No list would be complete without one of the most famous scenes in movie history.

Annie Hall: The Lobster Scene
A charming scene about runaway lobsters, as only Woody Allen could do it.

Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory: Pure Imagination
The first glimpse of the amazing world of Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory.

The Great Outdoors: The Old ’96er
John Candy takes on the challenge of

Chocolat: Vivien Sets Up Shop
A beautiful film about the wonders of chocolate, this scene perfectly captures the mood of the movie.

Eat Drink Man Woman: The Opening Scene
An ode to the brilliance of professional chefs, this scene opens the film.

Julie & Julia: Julia’s Cooking Classes
Our own Julia Child’s humble beginnings in cooking school are brilliantly played by Meryl Strep.

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