What is Sustainability?



Sustainability is an ideal. Its principles reinforce the fact that everything you do has consequences, even when they’re hidden from view. Its worldview imbues you, as either a consumer or producer, with a clear, undeniable sense of responsibility. It gives you a role to change how you think, what you make, and what you buy—and confirms that your actions matter. Finally, it reinforces that we’re both the cause of that which ails us as a society, and the solution. Only you can decide which path to follow.

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Food Terms

To creatively add value to waste so that as a whole (and without being broken down) it can be converted into another product.

The ability to keep going even when things around you are going wrong.
– Richard Heinberg

The fundamental challenge now facing ambitious farmers across the US: how to transition land from conventional farming back to its organic or “pre-chemical” state.
– LOCAL: The New Face of Food and Farming in America, by Douglas Gayeton.

Respect Mother Earth. Respect the land. Learn from the animals. When foraging always leave something behind for whoever comes next. In this way you’re sure to find something when you come back.
– Running Squirrel

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Running Squirrel
Dougan Falls
Skamania County, Washington
Running Squirrel is native Cherokee and carries tribal knowledge passed down from his ancestors. Foraging helps connect him to these lost traditions, to sustainable lessons first learned in his childhood.