Pepperoni Pizza Frittata For Breakfast


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My favorite weekend mornings always start with a frittata (or pancakes…or waffles…or something delicious—you get the idea!). Frittatas are my favorite go-to, easy breakfast food because I have the ratio of six large eggs to 1/2 cup of milk memorized so from there it’s all about getting creative. This ratio works for literally any frittata idea that you can come up with.

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Simple Egg Salad Tartine


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There’s nothing more that I love than a super quick, throw-together type of lunch. An egg salad sandwich is something that is always in the cards for me because:

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Let This Cucumber Strawberry Cooler Put a Spring In Your Step


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It is not Summer yet. I mean, it’s snowing in the Northeast but that doesn’t mean a girl can dream. Making this and standing in front of the heater is a good place to start. This cocktail is super easy. Have you ever tried rosé vodka? It’s my new obsession because it’s so smooth. Of course, if you don’t have it, not to worry. The regular stuff works well too.

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Fresh Asparagus Garbanzo Bean Salad


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I like to think that this is the salad I could eat every single day during this season and I would never tire of its flavors. I’m pretty positive this is an accurate statement.

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Brunch-Ready Smoked Gouda Asparagus Frittata


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During springtime and every brunch I throw, I make sure to have a frittata present. They come together in about 10 minutes and are so easy to throw together. This one starts on the stove to cook the asparagus spears a bit. They really do need that three minutes extra to cook on the stove.

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Smoky Sriracha Deviled Eggs


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I’m not sure there’s anyone who adores deviled eggs as much as me. When I talk about what you can do with deviled eggs, I feel like that scene in Forest Gump where Bubba goes through all the things you can do with shrimp. There are SO many iterations of deviled eggs that you can do.

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Vegetarian Delight: Eggplant On Braised Chickpeas


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I am on a vegetarian kick, always. I probably eat vegetarian about five nights a week and the rest of the times, I’ll sprinkle in fish and chicken. This is my favorite super quick vegetarian meal, as of late. It requires a good amount of pantry items and is so delicious and cozy without feeling heavy or super filling.

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Sheet Pan Chicken with Avocado Salsa for Two


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Sheet pans are my favorite weeknight meals. They’re quick and easy and if you’re smart, they include everything on them. This one in particular, has become a new favorite for me because it’s flavorful and really simple on busy nights.

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