Cooking Can Be Fun

By Jen Cafferty, So Simple Gluten Free

When I was young, my mother would watch Julia on the television while preparing our dinner. I can still hear Julia’s voice and laughter. I would sit and watch my mom make dinner and Julia would be chatting away in the background. It was from Julia (and a few other special ladies) that I learned that cooking can be fun.

As a cooking instructor and gluten-free lifestyle coach, I teach that it is OK to make a mistake in the kitchen. You need to laugh, create something new from the “mistake” if possible, and learn from your mistakes. I also teach, that there is nothing better than really good food to make most of life’s little problems go away. Julia was able to bring people together through good food. This is such an easy philosophy to live by in our crazy lives.

And of course, a glass of wine (which is gluten-free!) always helps…

About Jen Cafferty

As the Founder of The Gluten & Allergen Free Expo, Jen Cafferty is the premier liaison between the gluten-free consumer and the gluten-free companies. She produces numerous gluten-free events around the country, teaches cooking classes, consults with restaurants and businesses and does free-lance writing and recipe development.

You can find Jen at her website So Simple Gluten Free, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.