Finding Success Through Failure

By Kelly Rudnicki, Food Allergy Mama

“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.” ― Julia Child

Julia Child was a fearless and ambitious icon in American television. Her cooking shows forever changed the landscape of TV programming by giving viewers something different than just news or sitcoms. Julia offered an endearing glimpse into her kitchen and single -handedly taught millions how to cook in a real and approachable manner.

Real cooking is all about finding success through failure. Many of us have made recipes and the end result completely bombed. Julia taught us to embrace our mistakes as a gift to lead to something unexpected and better. She had fun in the kitchen and was never afraid to laugh at herself. Her shows were unpretentious and educational. Julia made you feel like she was your best friend, sister, mother or grandmother on the other side of the camera, encouraging and teaching viewers to always cook without abandon.

I wouldn’t be the cook I am today if it weren’t for watching Julia Child on PBS as a typical latchkey kid of the 1980’s. I dreamed of making casseroles and beating a proper egg white. I dreamed of having a kitchen like hers, and to cook in as effortless manner as she did. I dreamed of being able to cook fantastic meals for my own family someday. But most of all I dreamed I could grow up and be half as cool in the kitchen as Julia. Even though I’m not (because no one will ever be as cool and accomplished as Julie Child), Julia still made me feel like anything was possible. And that’s the legacy Julia Child leaves behind, her “what-the-hell attitude”, and that anything IS possible.

About Kelly Rudnicki

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