Julia Paved the Way for French Cooking

By Vincent Guerithault, Vincent on Camelback

Julia Child’s advice to “try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless and, above all, have fun,” has broadened the knowledge and appeal of French cooking and inspired millions to try new foods and classic preparations. She introduced French cooking to the masses and made my homeland’s cuisine far less intimidating and more acceptable to my adopted homeland’s tastes. Her inspiration to all contributed greatly to my success, paving the way for the American palate to accept and, indeed be inspired, to enjoy the art of French cooking.

About Vincent Guerithault

Vincent Guerithault, chef/owner of Vincent on Camelback, is considered by many to be Phoenix’s culinary prize. For over 20 years, Vincent has been combining his expertise in classic French cooking with Southwestern ingredients to create a unique blend of flavors that has become his signature. His style is constantly evolving. Recently he’s brought more of a Provençal flair to his menu, reaching deeper into his French roots. Critics note that his food is always “intriguing and inspiring.” For more information, visit the Vincent on Camelback website.

About Julia Child Restaurant Week

Julia Child Restaurant week features more than 100 restaurants across the country and honors the contributions and legacy of Ms. Child. Events will kick off on August 7 and run through her 100th birthday on August 15. Each restaurant will feature special menus or events inspired by the 100 most beloved Julia Child recipes. To learn more and see what restaurants are participating near you, visit: jc100.tumblr.com.