Julia Taught Me That Food Should Be Savored to the Last Crumb

By Kate Taylor, Cookie and Kate

What would modern-day American cooking be without Julia Child’s enduring influence? Julia’s voice has filled living rooms with her encouraging attitude and instilled confidence in viewers for nearly 50 years. Thanks to her foolproof recipes and exacting methods, Julia has helped produce countless deliciously memorable homemade meals. What’s more, she has inspired home cooks to become more adventurous in the kitchen. Her impact as a catalyst for creative culinary endeavors should never be underestimated.

Julia was my grandmother’s age by the time I became familiar with her unmistakeable, warbly voice, but her can-do attitude in the kitchen left an indelible mark on me at a young age. Back then, she made my want to step into the kitchen and get my hands dirty. Now, as a young woman who found an unlikely path in food blogging, I aspire to echo Julia’s infectious enthusiasm every time I prepare to publish a new recipe.

Although my recipes may involve less butter and cream than Julia’s, I wholeheartedly share her attitude that food should be savored to the last crumb, that guilt should not override pleasure. I am too often torn between my desire to slow down and enjoy a home-cooked meal, and the frenetic external pressure to keep crossing items off the never-ending to-do list. Thankfully, in those moments, I can always choose to recall Julia’s attitude and choose good food. As she concluded in My Life in France, “The pleasures of the table, and of life, are infinite–toujours bon appétit!”

About Kate Taylor

Hello! I’m Kathryne, otherwise known as Kate, a 20-something self-taught photographer and cook. I live with my dog/assistant, Cookie, in Oklahoma. I believe in eating real food (also called whole foods), so you’ll find lots of fresh, vibrant and healthy recipes on my blog. I’m also an avid supporter of the occasional indulgence, and I laugh with friends over drinks as often as possible!

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