She Delivered the Message of What Cooking is About

By François Payard, FP Bakery

I think Julia Child is as important to the American kitchen as Paul Bocuse is to the French kitchen. She was the person that truly delivered the message of what cooking is all about, showing her trials, tribulations but most importantly joy that arose from the kitchen. Julia Child was able to teach people through her T.V. shows because she connected with home viewers. She really is the one who made food in America what it is today.

About François Payard

François Payard is a third generation French Pastry Chef born in Nice on July 16th, 1966. After honing his skills in classic pastry by his family’s side, François moved to Paris where he earned the pastry chef position in several of France’s finest kitchens: La Tour d’Argent, Alain Senderens at Lucas Carton. In these renowned restaurants he met the challenge of creating dessert menus worthy of a three star Michelin rating.