Arugula Peach Prosciutto Flatbread Pizzas


Seattle just hit a new all-time record for most consecutive days at 90 degrees or higher in a year. If you’re not from this area you may be wondering why that is such a big deal. East Coast states go through stretches of summer heat waves all the time. It may not even sound interesting. But in Seattle we do not handle anything above 75 degrees very well and for very long. Many homes, including ours, do not have central air-conditioning because the weather usually does not warrant it. Our home averages about 20 degrees hotter inside than it is outside.

The last thing anyone wants to do during days like these is turn on their oven or stove. However, we do love to grill. Grilling in the summer is always a good option.

Today I’m sharing with you a very easy recipe for Mini Flatbread Peach Prosciutto Arugula Pizzas that calls for pre-baked flatbreads and are finished off on the grill. Grilling the flatbreads give them a nice bit of char and some gourmet flare. Peaches are in season and their sweetness compliments the bitter flavor of the arugula and the saltiness of the prosciutto. The light drizzle of balsamic glazes gives the pizza a nice acidic sweet flavor that ties everything together.

This pizza is great as a main entree or cut into smaller pieces as appetizers. And if you’re wondering how much the kids will like this pizza, the answer is a lot! Mine love the peaches and prosciutto as pizza toppings. The arugula… they’re getting used to.



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