Easy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

When I know I have a busy day in front of me, I often use my slow-cooker as my go to kitchen appliance to get dinner on the table without a lot of fuss.  Just toss the ingredients in and forget about it.  From stews to pot roast, the slow cooker makes cooking easy.

This morning, after I fed my family breakfast, I spent about 15 minutes seasoning chunks of pork, searing them in a frying pan, and then adding it and a few other ingredients to a slow cooker.  Eight hours later, we were eating tender pulled pork tacos.  All I had to do (aside from the pork), was to heat some corn tortillas, cut some kale, tomatoes and avocados.  Everyone assembled their own tacos, and I was relieved to have not spent too much time in the kitchen.

Pulled pork can be used as a taco, burrito or sandwich filling.  It can also be used over nachos, in salads or over rice.  However you like to eat it, this recipe is a cinch to pull together, and you’ll be happy to have let your slow cooker do most of the work. Enjoy!

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