Whole Wheat Banana Nut Pancakes

One of my fondest memories I have of my mom in the kitchen is of her pouring pancake batter on to a hot pan, dotting the uncooked side with sliced blueberries before flipping the pancake over, and then waiting anxiously for the pancake to be done so I could eat it.

Mom worked more on average 60-80 hour work weeks. Watching her cook in the kitchen was not common or something I took for granted. I watched her cook in the kitchen because I was both hungry and curious. The idea of mixing ingredients together to make something deliciously edible was fascinating. It’s why I still love to cook. I am still fascinated that I can create something from multiple ingredients and then have it bring joy to others.

Unlike me, my daughters prefer to not watch me cook. Instead, they like to cook themselves and try their own adaptations of our family favorites. I love seeing the excitement in my daughter Abigail’s eyes and her eager enthusiasm for the whole family to eat her latest creations. She tells me when she grows up she would like to open a restaurant or bakery and that I can help her with the cooking. Sometimes when either of us comes up with a really good dish, we tell the other that this dish should go on the menu.

Today what I have for you is a recipe for Banana Nut Pancakes. Made with a little whole wheat and mashed bananas, this pancake recipe is creative, and utterly delicious, and should bring joy to the whole family.

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