Hot Turkey, Cheddar and Apple Melts

As soon as the sticky humidity lifts in Maryland and the air tingles with the crispness of fall, I start to crave crisp and juicy apples. It didn’t take too much convincing to get teenaged Solomon and Celia to come apple picking with us recently.  No matter how old we are, there is a simple joy in spotting the perfect apple on a tree, reaching up and snatching it, and then, standing in that shady apple grove, biting into the perfection of nature.

After we’ve eaten our fill, we stock our refrigerator with apples for lunches and snacks.  I also love coming up with ways to enjoy them for dinner, by pairing sweet apples with savory ingredients like cheese, turkey and sausage. This year’s creation was these Hot Turkey, Cheddar and Apple Melts, which would also be delicious with Gruyere or Swiss cheese.

If you have a bushel of apples, you may also enjoy these recipes:

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Please share your favorite apple recipes or apple picking memories below.

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