Vegetarian Corn Chowder Recipe


With the weather changing to cooler temperatures, there is a growing sense that autumn is quickly approaching.  Long, warm summer nights of grilled kabobs and corn on the cob have now become memories as families adjust to school schedules and other commitments.

With school starting this week for millions of children across the country, preparing family dinners wedged between busy schedules becomes more like a food game show where parents are racing against the clock while trying to prepare a satisfying meal before a panel of judges who happen to be their kids.  Not to be confused with a short-order cook, although we parents do aim to please the hearts and bellies of the ones we love, our primary goal should be to feed our children a well-balanced diet during family meal times.  Instead of sitting in the judge’s box, consider getting your kids in the game.  I’ve found children are less likely to become unsolicited food critics when they are encouraged to be one of the chefs in their home kitchen.


Today I’m sharing with you a wonderful vegetarian corn chowder recipe that I believe makes a great weeknight family dinner served alongside a nice side salad and crusty bread.  The soup can be made in 40 minutes and children can help prep the ingredients under the supervision of an adult. If you are truly pressed for time, you can also use a food processor to help dice vegetables very quickly.

Late summer sweet corn is very good right now, probably the best I’ve had all summer.  This is a wonderful recipe to enjoy the last of the summer season’s best.  Enjoy!


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