Peach Cobbler



Every summer I always look forward to biting into the perfect seasonal ripe peach.  You know it’s a good peach when its juices run down your chin and you don’t care. Straight from the farmers market and to my belly, I have a known weakness for peaches when they are sun-ripened and picked at their peak. The good ones are perfect in every way from sweetness to texture and never disappoint.

Today I am sharing with you an easy recipe for peach cobbler. The key to making a good cobbler is using fruit in its prime. Generally speaking, using under or over ripe fruit never bodes well in baked desserts – the flavor is always not quite right or is masked by sugar. However, if you use fruit when they are at their peak, the fruit becomes the star of the dessert (as it should) showcasing its natural sweetness and goodness. With peach season here, now is the ideal time to make a cobbler – just be sure to use sweet peaches. I say, let the peaches do all the work so you receive all the compliments.

The topping is cake-like and pairs well with the spiced baked peaches especially when served warm and topped with vanilla ice cream.

If you are looking for the quintessential summer dessert to serve friends and family, this is it. Enjoy!



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