Rice and Beans


There are very few foods I could eat every day and still be content. Rice and beans are great separately but when they are combined they are a force to be reckoned with like peanut butter and jelly, melted sharp cheddar cheese sandwiched between buttery pieces of grilled bread, or warm apple pie topped with scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Rice and beans is a staple dish in many cultures around the world. They are not only inexpensive they are also rich in nutrients. However, when I make rice and beans it’s all about enjoying a satisfying meal, one that is absolutely delicious. This dish is comfort food for the soul. It’s not pretentious, excessive, or boring. Instead, its familiarity is what makes it tried and true – a dish you can always count on.

The recipe I’m sharing with you today is so simple to prepare from start to finish. It is seasoned with just enough heat to make its presence known, yet not distracting or off putting in any way. It does not ask for much in terms of culinary know-how. Aside from chopping an onion and some kale, the rest of this dish pulls together fairly quickly with very little effort, yet the dish overflows with love in every bite.

Mild Italian sausage and sautéed kale add layers of flavor, texture, and color that complete this dish. Leftovers make a great second meal the next day you won’t get tired of, that is, if you have any leftovers at all.


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