Furikake Popcorn


Don’t you love it when all the wisdom and knowledge you try to impart to your kids goes in one ear and out the other? The only redemptive aspect to this frustrating cycle of communication is when one day someone else, other than you, will speak words of truth into your children’s lives and all of a sudden everything you’ve been telling them suddenly rings true. Parents typically don’t get any credit, and might stay relegated in the category of unreliable sources for wisdom.

I’m getting some much appreciated support with my daughter’s diet from her high school. This week she had to complete an assignment for a health class that required her to journal everything she ate, which will later be measured on a health scale. I’m so glad her teacher assigned this to her and not me.

We finished off the week with some great revelation and insights into my daughter’s eating habits. Nothing was new to me, but she had plenty of light bulb moments. I’m always trying to help make good choices and one way I can do this is by providing healthy snacks I know she will enjoy, even teaching her how to make them for herself. Today I’m sharing a really easy Furikake Popcorn recipe that will satisfy your need for  something salty and crunchy. Tossed in coconut oil and seasoned with Furikake seasoning (a mixture of roasted seaweed flakes, sesame seeds, and salt) and a touch of salt, this recipe is healthy and satisfies. Enjoy!

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