A Few Good Pie Places


Premieres August 25, 2015 on PBS! Check your local listings.

There are delicious pies for sale at shops, restaurants, cafes and roadside stands across America. So, in this delicious documentary we celebrate A Few Good Pie Places where people still make flaky crusts and scrumptious fillings.

A Few Good Pie Places is a celebration, a travelogue and an hour-long portrait of some wonderful people across America who make and eat pies.

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Our first stop is at Portage Pies in Westfield, New York, where the Thayer family has been making and selling simple pies to neighbors and to folks who come to nearby Chautauqua Institute since 2009.

Then we check out the big domed apple pies at a fruit stand called Ikeda’s. The Ikeda family grows most of the apples, peaches and other fruits for its pies on a ranch nearby, and their impressive crusty creations are favorites of families traveling through Auburn, California.

At Two Fat Cats Bakery in Portland, Maine, bakers take full advantage of wild local blueberries in pies. Mainers also love “whoopee pies” that are more like soft cookies, but their “pie” name gets them special consideration.



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