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Super Bowl Recipes: Snacks and Party Food

Even if you are not a football fan, the Super Bowl is a night of great food and even better commercials. We are gathering our favorite appetizer recipes, food commercials, and other Super Bowl recipe ideas to make your evening a touchdown no matter who wins.

Football Food and Finger Food Recipes

Super Bowl Recipes: Chili Recipes

Chili Recipes

Chili is an All-American dish perfect for a football game. Don’t forget your secret ingredient! Continue

Super Bowl Recipe: Wings Recipes

Wings Recipes

Wings are a football staple. Choose from an array of marinades and styles for your watch party. Continue

Super Bowl Recipe: Dip Recipes

Dip Recipes

Super Bowl recipes are all about finger food. Grab some chips and dive into our dip recipes. Continue
Super Bowl Recipes: Football Menus

Football Party Menus

Feed everyone from the littlest football fan to the health-conscious with our pre-set menus. Continue

What About the Commercials?

Super Bowl Commercials

Take Our Football Ads Quiz

Take a look at the facts behind the food featured in these ads. The truth may surprise you! Continue

Super Bowl Commercials: Calories in Food Ads

How to Gain 60 Pounds While Watching the Super Bowl

Take a deeper look at what kind of impact the food that gets advertised on Super Bowl Sunday might have on your waistline. Continue

Super Bowl Commericials: Food Ads

What Are the Best Super Bowl Food Commercials

Take a look back at the best commercials from the past few years involving food. There is more than beer and chips! Continue

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More Super Bowl Food & Fun

History of Finger Foods

Discover the History of Finger Foods

Where did finger food come from anyway? We find out the origin of these fun appetizers that we often serve as party food. Continue

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10 Tips for Raising a Good Sport

PBS Parents has ten tips to set your kid on the path toward good sportsmanship especially when your team starts to lose. Continue

Indianapolis Food Scene

Discover the Indianapolis Food Scene

Indianapolis was Super Bowl XLVI’s host city, and has undergone a transformation recently. Explore the renovated food scene of the Circle City. Continue

Super Food Faceoff

Who Won the 2012 Super Food Faceoff?

We had one food blogger from each region of the Super Bowl XLVI’s competing teams to share their city’s best cuisine for the perfect football buffet. Continue