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Season 4, Episode 9: Patisserie

It’s Patisserie Week, three crucial challenges, three chances to make it to the final. Continue


Season 4, Episode 10: The Final

It’s the final! Twelve bakers started, now, just three remain, but only one can be crowned winner of The Great British Baking Show. Continue


Season 4, Episode 8: Tudor Week

In Tudor Week there are three new challenges that embrace a time when Henry VIII reigned, with flamboyant banquets and impressive centerpieces that were Tudor showstoppers. Continue


Season 4, Episode 7: Desserts

Three sweet challenges means a bitter end awaits for one of the six remaining bakers as they battle for a place in the quarter final. Continue


Season 4, Episode 6: Botanical

For the first time ever, it’s Botanical Week and the bakers can reach for anything that grows to give their bakes maximum botanical taste. Continue


Season 4, Episode 5: Pastry

Pastry Week has three challenges to test the bakers on three very different types of pastry. Continue


Season 4, Episode 4: Batter

For the nine bakers left, it’s time to tackle some store cupboard classics. Continue


Season 4, Episode 3: Bread

The ten remaining bakers face the challenge of bread week. Watch at PBS Food. Continue

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