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The McAfees of Organic Pastures Dairy

Food Rebel: Mark McAfee

Mark McAfee’s passion for dairy has made him the largest producer of raw milk in America. Continue

Mateo Kehler

Food Rebel: Mateo Kehler

Mateo is making cheese the old school way with new school flavor. Continue

Caroline Stover (Food Corps)

Food Rebels: Caroline Stover and FoodCorps

FoodCorps stirs up change in the cafeteria by introducing local food to students. Continue

Betti Wiggins

Food Rebel: Betti Wiggins

Betti feeds 50,000 children in the Detroit Public Schools while supporting local farms. Continue


How to Pick the Perfect Chocolates as a Gift

    Buying chocolates is a lot more complicated than it used to be. Here’s how to impress a chocolate connoisseur without going broke, with advice from chocolate expert Clay Gordon, author of Discover Chocolate.

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How to Judge the Quality of Chocolate

    All chocolate is not created equal. There is a great difference in quality between different chocolates, which is often reflected in the price (but not always). Chocolate expert Clay Gordon, author of Discover Chocolate helps us recognize quality … Continue


How to Make a Delicious Vinaigrette Salad Dressing

    Making the perfect vinaigrette dressing is a must for any salad lover. Chef Ceci Carmichael shows you that the secret to making a perfect vinaigrette is all in the whisk.


Learn the Definitions of Special Chocolates

    If you’re shopping for special chocolates, do get you stuck on terms like ganache, truffle, praline? Clay Gordon, chocolate expert and author of the new book Discover Chocolate, guides us through the basic Chocolate 101.

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