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A Chef’s Life, Episode 13: Have Yourself Some Moonshine

Chef Vivian Howard’s mixologist works moonshine into several new drinks during the holiday party season. Continue


A Chef’s Life, Episode 12: The Buttermilk Bet

Watch Chef Vivian Howard of A Chef’s Life and her husband Ben go to Maple View Dairy to pick up fresh buttermilk for the restaurant. Continue


A Chef’s Life, Episode 11: Collard Greed Queen

Watch Chef Vivian Howard of A Chef’s Life participates in their 100-year-old, all-male family tradition of making collard kraut. Continue


A Chef’s Life, Episode 7: Muscadine Time

Chef Vivian Howard and the twins pick muscadine grapes at a small local vineyard while learning the history of this native grape. Continue


A Chef’s Life, Episode 6: The World is Your Oyster

Watch Chef Vivian Howard of A Chef’s Life and husband Ben share plans of opening an oyster bar across the street from Chef & the Farmer. Continue


A Chef’s Life, Episode 8: A Road Trip for Rice

Watch Chef Vivian Howard of A Chef’s Life to host a “rice dinner” at Chef & the Farmer, where each course centers around this grain. Continue


A Chef’s Life, Episode 9: A Peanut Pastime

Chef Vivian Howard of A Chef’s Life reinvents the popular Southern snack, boiled peanuts, for the local farmer’s market. Continue


A Chef’s Life, Episode 10: Love Me Some Candied Yams

Chef Vivian Howard meets proprietors of one of the largest sweet potato farms in the country and two of the restaurant’s best customers. Continue

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