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Martha Bakes Bundt Cakes Episode

Martha Bakes: Bundt Cakes Episode

Join Martha as she shares four of her favorites: lemon bundt cake, Devil’s bundt cake, whipped cream cake, and applesauce spice cake. Continue

Martha Bakes Chocolate Episode

Martha Bakes: Chocolate Episode

Discover how Martha takes traditional baked Alaska to new heights with a double dose of chocolate. Learn the technique for creating the warm chocolate center in the chocolate cake on the menu at your favorite restaurant. Plus, a chocolate cream pie with caramel whipped cream topping that is sure to make your guests swoon. Continue

Martha Bakes Cupcakes Episode

Martha Bakes: Cupcakes Episode

Cupcakes are the treat that makes everyone smile. Join Martha as she shares four scrumptious recipes: blueberry swirl, lemon meringue, red velvet, and double diablo mini cupcakes for your favorite chocolate lover. Plus learn the best techniques for frosting, and much more. Continue

Martha Bakes Crackers and Flatbreads Episode

Martha Bakes: Crackers & Flatbreads Episode

Join Martha for four irresistible crackers that are so easy to make that you can bake them in less time than it would take you to buy them. Learn the technique creating flatbreads so beautiful you’ll think of them as edible works of art and blue cheese-pecan icebox crackers that can be sliced and baked. Plus, a homemade version of a favorite store-bought cheesy cracker, and much more. Continue

Martha Bakes Pies Episode

Martha Bakes: Pies Episode

Learn everything you need to know about pie baking as Martha shares the secrets to three of her favorites. A delectable peach crumble pie that’s perfect for entertaining and a classic key lime pie with a simple-to-make crumb crust, and a four ingredient filling. Plus, a show-stopping coconut cream pie that’s billowing with whipped cream. Continue

Martha Bakes French Classics episode

Martha Bakes: French Classics Episode

Martha as she demystifies the techniques and recipes for four of her favorite French confections, including colorful macarons you can now make at home for a fraction of the cost of the patisserie price. Continue

Martha Bakes Puddings Recipe

Martha Bakes: Puddings Episode

Pudding doesn’t have to come from a box. Learn how to make Kris Kringle bread pudding, an irresistible handmade gift, and the technique for preparing chocolate pots de crème, an old-fashioned French baked custard. Plus, create an impressive steamed cranberry pudding using a pudding mold and a light and airy lemon pudding. Continue

Martha Bakes Bar Cookies episode

Martha Bakes: Bar Cookies Episode

Martha shares recipes for peanut butter and jelly bars, decadent brownies, the best pecan bars with an indulgent toffee-like topping, and a healthy fruit and nut energy bar. Continue

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