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The Bon Appétempt Show

Born out of a major cake wreck in 2009 and with an emphasis on kitchen failures in general, Bon Appétempt has grown to become one of Time Magazine’s top 25 blogs of the year with a book deal to boot.

What can you expect from their new web series with PBS Digital Studios? Well, for now: dinner parties that begin at the dining table and end in a bath tub, a cooking host who answers questions from a bag of fake fan mail and who ponders the question: “Do 30-minute meals actually exist?”

And as for the future? We asked the show’s creators, husband and wife team, Matthew Bookman and Amelia Morris: “Well, we have a lot of fun episodes, adventures, and strange tips in the works. And down the road, we’d love to get Dr. Steve Brule as a guest on the show. Steve Brule and Portlandia’s Peter and Nance. That would be a dream come true!”

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