Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Foundation work with public broadcasting stations? 
The Foundation is committed to working collaboratively with stations. There are donors who want to have an impact nationally as well as locally. Local and national fundraising has been – and will continue to be – complementary.

A document detailing the “PBS Foundation and Member Stations Protocols and Relations” was created by the PBSF Board of Directors and its Station Advisory Council and is available by request. These protocols assure open lines of communication and actions built on trust and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Can I apply to PBSF for a grant?
The PBS Foundation is a supporting rather than a grantmaking foundation. Because the PBS Foundation exists to support PBS, it does not accept or consider requests for funding from outside individuals or organizations.

How can I support PBS through the PBS Foundation?
It is through the generous donations of individuals and organizations that public broadcasting is available to all Americans. Through its member stations, PBS provides the best in science and nature, news and documentary and, of course, children's programming.

The PBS Foundation encourages you to consider supporting your local PBS member stations. By contributing at the local level, you support your station's ability to purchase the programs you enjoy, as well as to produce local programming and to serve as a vital educational and cultural resource within your community.

For those donors interested in continuing their support of PBS at the national level to help secure its financial future and sustain its ability to provide award-winning programs and services, then a gift to the PBS Foundation may be appropriate. When you contribute to the PBS Foundation, you support more than distinctive television programming and new media. Your gift allows PBS to undertake special initiatives that have a valuable impact on the American public. PBS’ long standing tradition of quality, backed by its unique local and national structure and the trust of the American public make it a wise social investment. This is why the PBS Foundation has established a series of special funds and initiatives to ensure PBS realizes its potential as the nation’s premier public service media organization in the 21st century.

How can I include the PBS Foundation in my estate planning? 
A bequest to the PBS Foundation may be made in your will or revocable trust, with the aid of your attorney, as either a specific dollar amount or as a certain percentage of your estate or of another asset. For more information about how planned giving and legacy opportunities can work for you, your family, and your community please call 703-739-5051 or email

Can I direct how my donation to the PBS Foundation will be used?
Donors can recommend to the PBS Foundation how their gifts should be used. Partnership between individual and organizational donors and the PBS Foundation are one of the best ways to ensure that PBS is able to continue to expand all genres of programming, including: Arts and Culture, Children’s Programming and Education, and News & Public Affairs.

If you want to provide direction for your donation, you may indicate that it be used for a specific genre of programming and content or for one of PBS’ special initiatives, this information can be communicated to the PBS Foundation in writing or we can discuss this aspect with you in greater detail, whether in-person or over the telephone.

Is my gift to the PBS Foundation tax deductible?
Yes, all contributions to the PBS Foundation are 100% tax deductible. When you make a gift to the PBS Foundation, it will be acknowledged by a thank you letter. This letter is your receipt and provides proof to the IRS of your gift. For more information, please call 703-739-5051 or email