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Hong Kong, CHASING THE VIRUS, June 2003



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Bruce Williams - Decatur, Illinois
One of the unfortunate results of the news coverage is that one is given the impression that we know more about this virus than we really do. I would guess that most people are of the opinion that one must have a fever to transmit the virus, but I doubt that that is the case. It seems more likely that some people who never have symptoms can act as carriers to infect others.

Listening to the news media, one would think that the epidemic is waning. However, I think that it is not known what is happening in China's provinces and other less developed areas of the world. I fear that when SARS meets AIDS we will have a real catastrophe.

Joanna - Seattle, WA
This virus is much too new to predict the outcome of the impact of this new virus. However I believe that the bright minds in the scientific community will be able to contain the virus. Today, our sanitary conditions are much higher, and our medical technology is much more advanced in contrast to the conditions of past epidemics.