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Letter to Henry Knox, December 3, 1783

TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.53.018
George Washington. Letter: New York, to Henry Knox, 1783 December 3. 2 p. + doc. & address leaf.

[inserted – different hand: Washington]
New York 3. Dec 1783


The splendid display of Fireworks last evening [struck: were; inserted: was] so highly satisfactory that I must request you to present to Captain Price under whose direction they were prepared, and to the Officers who assisted him, my thanks for the great skill and attention shewn in the conduct of that business.

I am
Your most Obedient

New York
3 Decr. 1783

Majr. Genl Knox

I do myself the honor to transmit to you the following copy of a letter from His Excellency the Commander in Chief to Major General Knox, who requests you to publish it in orders to the troops under your command.
I am, Sir, &c
S. Shaw
Aide de Camp
New York
4 Dec. 1783.

The Hon. Brig. Gen
M. Jackson
H. Jackson

From Gen. Washington
N. Yk. 1783 –
[inserted – diff. hand: Signature purloined No 48]

Major Genl. Knox

Notes: Signature removed. Published in Fitzpatrick, John C. The Writings of George Washington.v. 27, p.258.