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Gilder Lehrman Collection Documents
Letter to Major General Nathaniel Greene, March 27, 1784

George Washington. Autograph letter signed: Mount Vernon, to Major General Nathaniel Greene, 1784 March 27. 2 p.

Mount Vernon Mar. 27th. 8<4>

My dear Sir,

A few days ago, by the Post (on whom of late their seems to be no dependance) I wrote you a few lines expressive of an earnest wish that you could mae it convenient to be at the Generl meeting of the Society of Cincinnti before you took your departure for No. Carolina. – I did not then, nor can I now, assign all my reasons for it; but to me it should seem indispensable, that the meeting in May next should not only be full, but composed of the best abilities of the representation. – The temper of the New England States in particular, respecting this Society – the growing jealousy of it – a letter from the Marqs. and other consid rations point strongly to wise determination at this time. – If then private interest or convience with-hold the first chaters from the meeting, what may be the consequence? – ‘tis easier, & perhaps better to be conceived than expressed. – At any rate, a bear representation will bring the Society into disrepute, and unfit it perhaps, for the decision of the weighty matters which may be brought on. – Besides, such as ases as I have suggested, may be offered by one Man as well as another, & none I am sure could urge them with more truth than my self. –

I would add more, but that I fear this letter will not reach you in time, and because I am detaining a Country man of yours (who is to be the bearer of it) with a fair word, who is in as bad a situation [2] as a man on Lester Locks would, be, from his eagerness to embrace it. – adieu

I am sincerely & affectly. Yrs.
Go: Washington

Majr Genl Greene

March. 27th. 1784 170