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Gilder Lehrman Collection Documents
Letter to the Marquis de Lotbiniere, August 18, 1788
George Washington. Autograph letter signed: Mount Vernon, Virginia, to the Marquis de Lotbiniere, 1788 August 18. 1 page + docket.

Mount Vernon Augt. 18th. 1788.


Your congratulatory letter, on the adoption of the Constitution by the Convention of New York, has been placed in my hands: and I have in return, to request that you will be assured it would be incompatible with the feelings of the good Citizens of America to be insensible to the friendly sentiments expressed by patriotic foreigners for their public felicity. –

For myself, it might be superfluous to add more than that I remain, with due impressions for your partiality in my favour,

Yr. most Obedient &
most Hble Servant
The Marquis de Lotbiniere

1788. –
Mount Vernon.
Augt. 18th.
G. Washington.
to the Marquis de
Lotbiniere –