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Letter to Thomas Machin, July 21, 1776


George Washington.  Letter signed:  Head Quarters, NY, to Lieutenant Thomas Machin, 1776 July 21.  1 p. + docket.


Head Quarters N. York, 21st. July 1776




You are without delay to proceed for Fort Montgomery or Constitution in the High Lands on Hudsons River, and put yourself under command of Colo. George Clinton or the Commanding Officer there, - to Act as Engineer in compleating such Works as are already laid out, - and such others as you, with the advice of Colo. Clinton may think Necessary - 'Tis expected and required of You - that you pay strict and close Attention to this Business - and drive on the Works with all possible Dispatch; In case of an Attack from the Enemy, or in any Action with them you are to join and act with the Artillery on that Station, and to return to your Duty in the Regiment as soon as you can be spared from the Works


I am Sir  

Your Most Huml Servt  

Go: Washington  



<loss> Washington  

In July 1776 Capt. Machin



Notes:  Published in  Fitzgerald, John C. The Writings of George Washington.

vol.  5:319.