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Letter to Henry Knox, 1780


George Washington.  Letter copy:  to Henry Knox, 1780 2.  1 p.



Washington to Knox

(4 Maine Hist <?> 59)


My dear Sir


I beg you to accept my acknowledgments of [inserted: 1780 Mar. 2] and thanks for your Obliging favors of the 12th 16th & 19th of last Month, and particularly for the trouble you have had in procuring and forewarding for me a Suit of the Hartford Manufacture.  It is come safe, and exceeds my expectation.  I will take an early opportunity of paying the cost of it.


The result of the late elections will not only soon be known, but the effects of them will soon be discovered.  Of the nine representatives (anounced) for this State, Six are decided federalists; and the tenth (not yet known) from Kentucky, it is presumed, from the best accounts which have been received from thence, will be in unison with them.  To hear that the votes have run in favor of Mr Culams, gives me pleasure.


The Severe Weather, and uncommonly bad condition of the roads in this quarter, will prevent the members from this State giving their attendance in time.  One of them went from here this morning only, and two yesterday.


I hope this will find you perfectly recovered from your late painful disorder, and Mrs Knox and the rest of the family in good health.  Our affectionate compliments are offered to theirs, and with sentiments of the sincerest friendship [struck: I am]


I am ever yours,
Go Washington


Genl Knox