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  Letter to the Magistrates of the City of Philadelphia, December 17, 1781
George Washington. Autograph letter signed: to the Magistrates of the City of Philadelphia, [1781 Dec. 17]. 2 p.

To The Worshipful the Magistrates of the City of Philadelphia


I return you my thanks for this very polite and affectionate address.

As I have ever considered a due support of civil authority, essential to the preservation of that liberty for which we are contending, I have from duty as well as from inclination endeavoured, as far as possible, to avoid the least violation of it, and I am happy to find that my conduct has met the approbation of [2] those who are appointed Guardians of the Rights of a free People.

I feel myself highly obliged by your assurance that it will be the pleasing employment of the Citizens to render my residence among them agreeable. It shall be my study to merit so kind a mark of their attention & to approve myself. Gent[leme]n
Y[ou]r Most Obed[ien]t &
Most H[um]ble Serv[an]t,
Go: Washington

Notes: Published with variations in Fitzpatrick, Writings of Washington, 23: 394. Punctuation has been standardized. Dated by Fitzpatrick who prints a draft of this letter written by Tench Tilghman.