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  Letter to Benjamin Lincoln, December 9, 1781
George Washington. Autograph letter signed: to Benjamin Lincoln, 1781 Dec. 9. 1 p. + address leaf.

My dear Sir,

My opinion is that Doctr [Thomas] Shield should be sent immediately back to York Town, & Colo. Gibson reprimanded for having permitted him to come to this place before leave had been obtained for him to go into New York. Unless Gibson has some appointment unknown to me he can only be considered in the light of a private person having resigned the command of (the Virga. State Regimt) which he formerly had sometime ago.

I should conceive that an application from the Doctr. to Genl [Henry] Clinton (who is now about to send out money for the Prisoners at Frederick Town & that letter) would answer all the [inserted: public] purposes of his going to New York.

I am very sincerely
Go: Washington

Sunday Morning

Notes: Fitzpatrick 23: 377, from a copy in the Toner Transcripts at the Library of Congress. Washington writes as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army to the Secretary of War, Benjamin Lincoln, only seven weeks after his victory in Yorktown. Dr. Thomas Shield was surgeon of the 87th Regiment in the British Army. Henry Clinton was Commander in Chief of the British forces in America.