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  Letter to Henry Knox, February 10, 1781
TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.53.023
George Washington. Letter signed: Head Quarters New Windsor, to Henry Knox, 1781 February 10. 2 p. + doc.

Head Quarters New Windsor
February 10th 1781


Mr. De Granger has represented to me that his delay in executing the experiments prescribed to him proceeded from the want of materials requisite for making them, the composition and preparation of which, he wishes to undertake himself, as the justness of his experiments depends upon the goodness of his materials and the accuracy with which they are prepared, and as his reputation and Military existance in this country depend on the success of those experiments He declares himself willing and desirous to execute [inserted: them] as soon as these materials are ready. As what he requires is not unreasonable, I am to desire you will immediately have him furnished with the ingredients he asks, and afford him the assistance necessary to prepare them as speedily as possible After we have gone so far it will have an air of disingenuity not to give him a fair and decisive trial: if his pretensions are just we may employ him usefully and in a manner that will not interfere with the corps of Artillery: if they are not good, we can reject his application and put an end to all trouble [2]

I am with great regard
Your Most Obed. Servant
Go: Washington

[docket] From His Exy. Gen. Washington 10 Feby 1781
[address] Brigdr. Genl. Knox

Notes: Published in Fitzpatrick, John C. The Writings of George Washington. v. 21: 210-11. GLC2347.52.148 is a duplicate of this document.