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Letter to the President of Congress, March 11, 1781

George Washington. Letter: Newport, to the President of Congress, 1781 March 11. 2 p.

Newport. 11th. March. 1781 –

I do myself the Honor to inform your Excellency that I arrived here on the 6th. inst. in Consequence of previous arrangements between the Count de Rochambeau & myself. I found between 11. & 1200. Of the French Grenadrs. & Infantry already on board, and the Fleet nearly ready to sail. They however did not put to Sea until the Evy of the 8th. – by Advice from New London the British Fleet, which was in Gardiner’s Bay did the same yesterday Morn with their whole Force. They gave out they were bound for Chesapk Bay.

Geo Washington

Prest. of Congress

State of French Fleet
Le Duc de Burgogne 80
Le Neptune 74
Le Conquerant 74
L’Eveille 64
Le Jason 64
L’Ardent 64
Le provence 64
Le Fantasque 64
Romulus 44
La Surveilliante 32
La Gentiles 32
La Hermione 32
La Guise Cutter 14

London 90
Royal Oak 74
Bedford 74 – Supposed to be refitted–America 64 – had return’d to Gards
Bay before the British Saild
Europe 64
Pudent 64
Adamant 50
Difference of Guns between French & Brths. – 68

*?* Frigates 28
Difference betw. F & B. in Frigates 112 & 14
140 14

Notes: Published in Fitzpatrick, John C. The Writings of George Washington. vol. 21: 333-334.