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  Letter to Henry Knox, August 17, 1783
TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.53.015
George Washington. Letter: Newburgh, to Henry Knox, 1783 August 17. 2 p.

Head Quarters Augst 16th 1783
[inserted - different hand: Washington]


Your Ideas of the Ordnance that would be proper for the Garrisons of Niagara and Oswego accord very fully with my own - but, ere the arrival of the definitive Treaty, the season will be so far advanced; and we shall then have so many difficulties to encounter before we can establish ourselves at those Posts; that I think we must be contented for the winter with two Howitzers at each, and such a number of Light Peices as may be judged necessary for the defence of the Works in case of any hostile attempts from the Savages: - for it is hardly to be imagined the British, who alone could furnish Artillery for [2] a Siege in that quarter, will immediately make an effort to recover by force of Arms, what they will just have relinquished by Agreement, and I hope before any thing Serious could be meditated against those Fortifications, Measures will be taken (at the opening of the next Season) to furnish them with an ample Supply for every Contingency.

So far as the Artillery now on the Mowhawk River can be made subservient to the present purposes, it will be better to make use of those Peices, than to incur the trouble and expence of transportation from a greater distance - I beg you therefore to make the Arrangement as soon as may be, in such manner as you Shall judge most conducive to the public Service, upon the principles [3] before mentioned.

I have already paid attention to the Cloathing requisite for the Detachment destined for the northern duty; most of the Articles which will be wanted are in Store -

I am with great esteem

Majr. Gen. Knox

[docket] –loss- [H]is Ex: Genl Washington –loss- [A]ugt 1783
[inserted - different hand: Signature purloined No. 50]

Notes: Signature removed. Published in Fitzpatrick, John C. The Writings of George Washington. v. 27, pp. 104-5.