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  Letter to Henry Knox, August 17, 1783
TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.53.042
George Washington. Letter signed: Head Quarters, Newburgh, to Major General Henry Knox, 1783 August 17. 2 p. + doc.

[inserted - different hand: Washington] Head Quarters Newburgh Augst. 17th. 1783

Dear Sir

To make preparation for garrisoning the Posts which will be ceded to us by the British on the Western Waters, is now the greatest object that can claim our attention On this [inserted: subject], I wrote to you yesterday, and desired you to make the necessary Arrangements in [struck: your] [inserted: the Ordnance]] Department. I have now to repeat the request, that, as soon as the Boats proper for Service on the Lakes can be repaired, you will forward without a moments loss of time, the Artillery, Stores, and spare Ammunition sufficient to compleat a full supply including such of those Ariticles at present on the Mowhawk River, as may be appropriated to this [2] use. In addition to the Artillerists who will be detached for these Garrisons, (and who will take the immediate charge of the Ordnance & C) you will be pleased to order one Company of the Light Infantry from Lt. Col Hulls Command to proceed with the Boats to the Northward The whole of the Detachments to report themselves to Colonel Willet, and receive his Instructions.

Either the Quarter Master Genl or one of his Assts. will go immediately to the Mowhawk River to provide more Boats, make provision for transportation, & supply the Contingencies in that Department which may be necessary.

I am with great esteem
Dear Sir
Your Most Obedient Servt
Go: Washington
Majr. Genl. Knox.

[docket] His Ex. Genl Washington of Augt 1783
[inserted - different hand: Original No 24-]

Notes: Published in Fitzpatrick, John C. The Writings of George Washington. v. 27: 106-07.