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  Letter to Henry Knox, March 8, 1783
TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.53.014
George Washington. Letter: Head Quarters, to Henry Knox, 1783 March 8. 2 p.

[inserted diff. hand: Washington]
Head Quarters 8th March 1783

Dear Sir

The Women of the New York Regt. of Artillery have applied to me on the Subject of allowing them and their Children Provisions

The number of Women and Children in the New York Regiments of Infantry before the new System of Issues took place obliged me, either to depart from that System and allow them provision or by driving them from the Army risk the loss of a number of Men, who very probably would have followed their *loss: [Wives. I prefer]*red the former and *loss: [accordingly dire]*cted that the whole *loss: [of the Women and]* Children then with the [2] Troops, should be allowed to draw as usual. So far as the Artillery Regimt. was under the same circumstances they are entitled to the same indulgence: but as that indulgence was to remedy, and not to create, an evil I would by no means extend it to Women who on the prospect of it, have since been brought into Camp and I would wish you to see that no such do draw Provisions
I am Dear Sir
Your most Obedient Servt

Notes: Published in Fitzpatrick, John C. The Writings of George Washington. v. 26, pp. 199-200. Signature removed; missing text based on Fitzpatrick transcription.