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Letter from Henry Knox, May 14, 1783

TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.12.121
Henry Knox. Letter fragment: to George Washington, 1783 May 14. 1 p. + docket.

[inserted - different hand: 14 May ‘83]

[inserted - different hand: To W]


The soldiers of the regiments of this Garrison have been tolerably quiet untill last night, when the behaviour of most or all of the regiments was totally repugnant to discipline, & in many instancs highly mutinous. [struck: The officers are] The officers exceded themselves to keep the men in their barracks [struck: and] [inserted: which they] finally effected [strike-out] & secured some of the most [struck: unruly] violent. The [strike-out] [inserted: rioters] appeared to have no particular objects in view but [strike-out] <?> and telling indecent expressions – regimental courts martial are order’d for the trial of the prisoners and it is presumed the [struck: punishment will be] [inserted: sentence] of those who shall be found guilty will be to be [struck: punishd with] [inserted: corporal punishment and drumed out] with infamy. I have ventured to asure the officers coming regiments that if this should be the case, they [struck: would] should be justified in approving the sentence; and carrying it into effect. Upon this I am to ask your Excellencys approbation.

Many officers have requested that furloughs for fifteen or twenty days. I have in vanity referred them to your Excellcy, but if you should find it too much trouble, and think proper to entrust me with the power, I shall relieve your Excllncy from it in future. I have the honor to be with <?>

To His Excelleny Genl Washington
14 May 1783