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April 20

052cb539-a893-460c-a9e6-19bddc Pray God for everything!

April 19

April 18

April 6

February 24

January 22

8010575d-d554-4d1e-a02b-2eed0a Faith is the spiritual strength of our beliefs in the power of God........ Be strong and fearless in your faith for he has overcome the world and there is no greater power in the universe than our Lord God Jesus Christ!.......... The One and Only True Living God!.......... Accelerate the spread of the kingdom of God in this world!.......... We can be the most spiritually enlightened human being in this world, but without our Lord God Jesus Christ guiding our hearts, our minds and our souls, then we really have no real power inside of us and really are nothing in this world. The spiritualized thoughts in our minds are very powerful indeed...............excerpt from Faith That Is Spiritually Strong(kindle ebook)

December 15

21604322-89e7-43c0-ae8c-c65c3b The New Message is a new revelation about the real nature of human spirituality, the great change that is coming to the world and humanity's future and destiny within a Greater Community of intelligent life in the Universe.

December 1

November 30

48dcee3f-0d43-465b-b459-997ae9 "God has a Mind, a Will and a Purpose. In its totality, this is incomprehensible to you now, for you cannot stand apart from this Mind, this Will and this Purpose and be able to discern their meaning. You can only join with them, and the extent to which you can join with them will be the extent to which you will experience their reality, their value and their immediate necessity in your life." Relationships and Higher Purpose ~ The Messenger Marshall Vian Summers

November 26

November 24

November 17

November 9

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Published October 11, 2010

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