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If the journey of an after life be true, I look forward to the adventure of it. If the journey is not true then I won't remember any of my adventures past or present anyway. I know God is true,so the possibility of an after life exists! I will live my life in a way that will insure that possibility. M.B

How Do You Imagine God?
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How do you imagine God? your photo/ link/ video has been held for approval by a moderator It should be understood that the word "God" is just an honorary title that the billions of us conscious beings rightly give this Eternal Life Force,Energy,Power,Consciousness,or Source of all things. We call "IT" God because this starts us on a grateful path of understanding who,or what it is that all of life comes from. I imagine God monotheistically,(like a mother,or father) pantheistically, (like the Force in star wars) Deistically,and Theistically. The beauty of being a pure Deist who follows the path of Deism is my options are totally open,and can change as new information comes in. Contemplation is prayer for me,and I contemplate God 24/7. All of life comes from God,and my life experiences are my sacred text metaphorically speaking. When I say God is my religion its like saying life is my religion,and I love my religion very much. 1 person liked this

My Beliefs

I believe ... your photo/ link/ video has been held for approval by a moderator God is the First Cause of all things that in reference to Itself has no beginning,and in like manner will have no end. I believe like the Catholics do when they say "It is right to give God thanks,and praise". Not for God's sake,but for my own because I'm so blessed being here in the garden called life our only known true salvation,and its important for me to give thanks to the Power that makes all things just so. I believe that its not in mans power to anoint another man a god and if such a power does exist this power belongs only to God. I believe that this power does exist and that each of God's creations have been anointed with this precious gift called life. That being said I believe as the character Jesus believed that I too am a Christ child,and I raise my children to know this fact that they too are the anointed ones called Christ. I believe that the first,or second coming of Christ will only take place when the worlds people realizes that we're all Christ children,and that the only "antichrist" are those who don't know that they're indeed the anointed ones called Christ. I believe in the individual spirit,and that a "holy spirit" is that individual who loves God with all their heart, mind,and soul. Your born with a spirit, the individual you. It doesn't require a belief in a dogma to make your spirit "holy". A holy spirit is easy to attain by just loving,and taking care of God's works that are found in the Creation. I believe that in order to be "born again" one must die first. I agree with Mr Paine that its in God power to continue life,or end it,and its presumptuous for any man to make articles of faith on the matter. I believe that with the proper understanding of this Force that again we rightly honor with the sacred title of God world peace is not only possible,but inevitable. I believe if we can prove that God is real (all of life is the proof) then our path of understanding should be just as self evident as God is. This is Deism where "The true word of God is the Creation we behold".
My most powerful moment of belief was ... your photo/ link/ video has been held for approval by a moderator When my children were at the age of reason and I felt it was time to instill my love for God in them. I didn't know what to do. As a child I was raised a Roman Catholic and never did I believe the stories of that faith as literal truths,and yet I still had a great love for God. I thought how can I teach my kids the Roman Catholic way when deep down I knew it wasn't truth. It was easy for me to go through all the motions of that faith (Catholic schools,Church every Sunday,retreats) for myself and still have my own thoughts on the matter. But how do you teach your children something you don't believe yourself,especially something as important as God is. You don't! So I did what every good Catholic does when in need for answers of this magnitude. I got down on my knees and prayed, something I don't do too often. I thought if doubting Thomas,and Paul could get a personal revelation then why not me. The prayer was sincere,and deep down I really thought that God would answer it only not in the way S/He did. I had to do some homework and "contemplation" which for me is prayer. Long story short I found Thomas Paine who said things about God that deep down I knew already,but no one ever told me. He helped show me a path of understanding God that was right in front of me my whole life. Very powerful for me.

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Published October 11, 2010

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